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Free speech on Facebook threatens ‘climate-change extremists’

With the inevitable temptation to use this incredible power to influence public sentiment and elections, leftists have had the inside advantage, leaving conservatives, moderates and others shut out of

In space, bacteria is even more deadly and resilient to antibiotics

Similarly, the launch of the Emirates Mars Mission marked the Arab world’s foray into interplanetary space travel.But although we’re gaining the ability to travel smarter and faster into space,

NASA ditching insensitive nicknames for cosmic objects

NASA will no longer use the old nickname given to nebula NGC 2392.NASA/Andrew Fruchter (STScI) Terms we use to describe the cosmos aren't immune to scrutiny at a time when many people are working to

The 2020 Perseid meteor shower peaks soon: How to watch the show

com/Stojan Stojanovski It's early August, which means the annual Perseid meteor shower is active and about ready to peak.The Perseids are one of the best, brightest batches of shooting stars, and it

5 free resources every data scientist should start using today

Subscribe to data newsletters Before jumping into popular MOOCs or purchasing recommended books on Amazon, I started by subscribing to various data science and data engineering newsletters.Newsletters

NASA maps the damage from the Beirut explosion

NASA used synthetic aperture radar data from space to map where the worst damage occurred in Beirut.NASA NASA has revealed a satellite picture showing the extent of the damage caused by the explosion

Algorithm reveals some of us have DNA from a mystery ancestor

Genes from fossils show our ancestors had entanglements with both Neanderthals and an ancient group called Denisovans.But new research suggests they also got it on with another mystery relative, whose

Dinosaur diagnosed with malignant cancer for the first time: researchers say

Researchers on Monday announced the discovery and diagnosis of an aggressive type of bone cancer in a dinosaur, making it the first known example of a dinosaur afflicted by malignant cancer, according

Most universities neglect to teach entrepreneurship to science students — it’s time to fix that

A strong background in science and technology is crucial for students who want to become academic research scientists.But there are many other jobs for budding scientists that also need extra busines

SpaceX launches Starlink and BlackSky satellites

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from its Florida launch pad.After weeks of delay, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket sent up 57 more satellites for its Starlink broadband internet constellation, with two B