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SpaceX Starlink launch: How to watch long-delayed flight of 57 satellites live

This Falcon 9 rocket launched in November 2019, carrying 60 Starlink satellites.A third attempt was scrubbed to allow more time for technical checkouts back on July 11.The Falcon 9 rocket will carry

Watch SpaceX launch its tenth Starlink mission to build out its satellite internet constellation – TechCrunch

SpaceX is getting ready for a third try at launching its tenth Starlink mission, after two prior attempts were scrubbed, first in June and then again in July.Meanwhile, SpaceX has accomplished a lot

50 years ago, Mauna Kea opened for astronomy. Controversy continues

Mauna Kea opened, Science News, August 1, 1970 —.The new Mauna Kea Observatory of the University of Hawaii has been completed and dedication ceremonies have been held.Standing at an altitude of 13,

Can you contract the coronavirus from secondhand smoke?

While secondhand smoke likely doesn’t directly cause the coronavirus, smokers can exhale infected droplets into the air, experts say.Secondhand smoke also reduces lung function, can inflame asthma a

Incredible SpaceX Starship video shows off SN5 ‘hop’ in exquisite detail

Raptor engine firing as the hop is completed.A 60-second video released by SpaceX on Tuesday shows the gentle ascent and descent of the Starship SN5 prototype like nothing else.The silver grain silo

Prototype of SpaceX’s future Starship rocket flies short hop to 500 feet

Just two days after returning its first astronauts back to Earth, SpaceX successfully flew a prototype of its next-generation, deep-space rocket in south Texas, sending the vehicle up to 500 feet and

What if black holes had a safe zone where little planets could live? Let’s call them blanets

I’m talking of course about the invention of the word blanet.Blanets are actually a theoretical class of planetary bodies proposed by astrophysicists that could exist within a safe zone adjacent to

How interplanetary migration could impact human evolution

I evolve best under pressure  The first lunar colonies could start the next step of human evolution in just a few short decades.Image credit: NASA/Dennis Davidson How will this affect human evolution

Schoolgirls in India discover asteroid after trawling through space images

Two schoolgirls in India have won praise from scientists after discovering a distant asteroid that will eventually fly past Earth.Vaidehi Vekariya Sanjaybhai and Radhika Lakhani Prafulbhai from the ci

Virgin Orbit to fly 11 satellites for NASA on second orbital launch demo later this year – TechCrunch

Virgin Orbit’s first attempt at an orbital launch demo may not have gone entirely to plan (the LauncherOne rocket released as planned but its flight was cut short just after that), but it has booked