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Google Announces it Uses Spam Fighting AI

Google announced the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help fight against a range of spam.There are multiple forms of spam that Google fights at different points in which Googl

Research Discovers Insights into Local Search Success

New research from RIO SEO shows dramatic effects on Local Search and offers insights into how to be more effective in monitoring search habits at the local level and leverage those changes for better

Gen Z Longing For Post-Pandemic Life

People are eagerly awaiting post-pandemic life, as evidenced by Pinterest search trends, with Gen Z taking the lead for greatest increase in search volume.Pinterest searches among users in the Gen Z d

WordPress Saves Creative Commons Search Engine From Shutting Down

Creative Commons Search is joining WordPress.org, which will help keep the search engine of free-to-use images running for the foreseeable future.Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WordPress parent company Automa

SEO Considerations For Early Funding Phase Start-Ups

In the early days of a start-up, with a solid proof of concept and perhaps with initial angel investment or on the cusp of Series A funding, you’re likely to be wearing a great many hats.While this

Facebook Announces Social Audio that Goes Beyond Clubhouse

Facebook announced a suite of tools and Social Audio offerings to engage Facebook members in new ways.Among the offerings is a competitor to Clubhouse, which has made audio the hot social media trend.

Google Answers: Is this Cloaking?

Google’s John Mueller was asked if blocking Google from anti-ad block detection function would cause Google to see the page as cloaking.Mueller explains what cloaking is and why blocking Google from

How Often Is Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor Calculated?

In a Google SEO office-hours hangout someone asked John Mueller about the update schedule for the ranking factor associated with the Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores.Will the ranking factor be updated in

3rd Party Elementor Plugins Vulnerability Affects +1 Million

Three Vulnerabilities Fixed by Brainstorm Force in March 2021Brainstorm Force Elementor Plugin VulnerabilitiesStored Cross-site Scripting VulnerabilityWordfence Has Not Released DetailsFixed Versions

Accelerate Your Organic Marketing Success with Consulting

This post was sponsored by Conductor.Given this, we at Conductor have designed our support and services model to help customers mature their organic marketing program and take their business goals to