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Eric Trump’s ‘Absolutely Terrible’ Tweet During The DNC Gets Flipped On Him

“This is absolutely terrible,” wrote President Donald Trump’s son.Yes it is,” one person commented.Added another: “This Presidency sure is.— Connie Schultz (@ConnieSchultz) August 18, 2020

Tech Moves: Museum of Flight’s new education leader; Avalara vet joins Banzai board; and more

Dana Riley Black.-based Smartsheet, joined the board of NerdWallet.Ceran also recently joined the board of Smartsheet’s Bellevue neighbor Auth0.— Bay Area subscription software company Zuora appoi

India gets Rafale fighter jets from France, boosting its air force

'The Birds have landed safely in Ambala,' Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted.Singh said the twin-engine, multirole fighters would 'revolutionize' the Indian Air Force (IAF).Dassault also to

Canadian politician calls opponent ‘racist,’ gets kicked out of parliament

Singh made the accusation in the House of Commons after Alain Therrien, from the Bloc Québécois party, declined to support a motion calling on parliament to acknowledge the existence of systemic rac

The Flash Finale Ends on Quite the Cliffhanger

That was certainly not the Flash finale we were all hoping for.In fact, it ended even worse than we expected, because we expected Iris to just still be trapped in the mirror.We can't actually be sure

Struggling migrants sidelined after coronavirus sweeps across the Gulf

Two months ago, they were laid off as Covid-19's spread dealt a blow to the UAE economy.'For the past two months, we have been sitting in the room and our company was giving us a salary, but now they

Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR

For police, the new coronavirus poses a dilemma: How do you apprehend a suspect in the era of social distancing?.In what looks more like a scene from a cops-and-robbers cartoon, this week police in t

Opinion | Coronavirus Recovery Isn’t So Quick or Simple

Sami Aviles, an otherwise healthy 31-year-old in our support group shared that on Day 21 of symptoms, while her breathing had not felt strained enough to require medical attention, she was still cough

Men Convicted in Delhi Bus Rape Are Hanged in India

In recent weeks, as it became clear the courts were losing patience, Mr.They had robbed at least one other person that night, the police said.When the intern and her companion boarded, the men locked

Signs that you’re a high maintenance girlfriend

That being said, if you"re not exhibiting selfish behavior in your relationship, you should be wary of a partner who claims that you"re high maintenance.The term is often weaponized against wo