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Jimmy Kimmel Names And Shames The State That Wasted $2 Million Sucking Up To Trump

Jimmy Kimmel said the unproven coronavirus treatment pushed last year by then-President Donald Trump ― and parroted by right-wing media ― is officially a bust.But as Kimmel noted, there were hints

Keith Olbermann’s Hot Take On Texas Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions Goes Down In Flames

In a tweet, the ex-MSNBC and ESPN journalist asked:.we could support the communities he plans to sacrifice https://t.— Openly Black Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia) March 3, 2021 Gee I don’t know Keith,

Newsom calls Texas ‘absolutely reckless’ for lifting Covid rules

California Governor Gavin Newsom stands at a press conference following the opening of a new large scale vaccination site at Cal State Los Angeles.Gavin Newsom chided his Texas counterpart on Tuesday

Voting Rights Act: Supreme Court conservatives poised to uphold Arizona’s curbs on voting

Supporters of voting rights are fearful that the court's new 6-3 solidified conservative majority will weaken a key provision of the act that prohibits laws that result in racial discrimination.For ov

CDC’s draft guidelines for vaccinated Americans call for small steps toward normal life

But the agency’s advice is likely to disappoint many who hoped the increasing pace of inoculations would allow some common restrictions to be relaxed immediately for vaccinated people.Fauci said whi

Leader of Texas Utility Regulator Resigns After Extensive Storm Outages

HOUSTON — The chairwoman of Texas’ utility regulator resigned on Monday in response to a growing bipartisan backlash over widespread power outages during one of the worst winter storms there in a

Kristi Noem’s Face the Nation interview did not go well

South Dakota governor and rising conservative star Kristi Noem was a big hit at CPAC on Saturday, where she bragged about her state’s response to the coronavirus during a headlining speech.In realit

Skedaddle excuses say much about character of ‘Cancun Cruz’

He was trying to be a good dad to his daughters who asked to take a trip with their friends, Sen.Far more important, in my judgment, are the defects in Cruz’s character and his commitment of conveni

DeSantis: ‘Flawed assumptions’ led some states to send COVID-positive patients to nursing homes

'Flawed assumptions' about overcrowded hospitals led states like New York to order coronavirus-postive patients into nursing homes during the early days of the pandemic, Florida Gov.'.'We looked

Noem touts South Dakota coronavirus response, knocks lockdowns in CPAC speech

South Dakota Gov.The South Dakota governor went on to say that once the pandemic hit, many states chose to implement widespread shutdowns, which Noem said resulted in significant job losses, school cl