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Python and HTML (UK deal)

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.As of May 8, you can take free online coding courses on Python, HTML,  from Udemy.All you need to access these free on

Nigella Lawson makes kitchen magic in ‘Cook, Eat, Repeat’

Two new appealing spring cookbooks, Nigella Lawson’s “Cook, Eat, Repeat” and Roxana Jullapat’s “Mother Grains,” reflect the times we’re in right now – as do Zoom calls and Etsy masks.D

Newsmax Anchor Greg Kelly Clowned for Claiming He Wears $1,400 Cargo Pants

Newsmax weirdo Greg Kelly, who has made something of a career out of telling the most bizarre tall tales and falsehoods on Twitter, found himself the object of ridicule twice over on Thursday after h

The Best Eye Makeup Looks To Pair With Pink Lipstick

Shutterstock Pink lipstick has come a long way from the garish neon pink of the 1980s and the frosty baby pink of the 2000s, to the sultry tones of the 2020s.If you want to go with a playful pink pout

Paula Deen’s blueberry muffins with almond streusel

Ingredients for Toppings:.·         2 ½ cups all-purpose flour.·         1 cup granulated sugar.·         1 tablespoon baking powder.·         1 cup plus 2 tablesp

You can now drink beer made by the Queen — or, at least, her estate

(CNN) — The UK's Queen Elizabeth II is associated with many things -- but beer is not usually among them.The 95-year-old monarch's Sandringham Estate announced on Twitter that it has developed its o

What Does Kimberly Schlapman Really Use In Her Hair?

As she said in the Facebook video from Little Big Town, Schlapman revealed she didn't know how to take care of her hair until she found the right stylist.'You gotta get someone who knows how to cut

Gen Z Longing For Post-Pandemic Life

People are eagerly awaiting post-pandemic life, as evidenced by Pinterest search trends, with Gen Z taking the lead for greatest increase in search volume.Pinterest searches among users in the Gen Z d

The Best Silhouettes For A Round Body Shape

Think about what your best features are and show them off.Search for silhouettes that are comfortable yet still feel fitted to your body.Next time you're on the hunt for clothes that will induce their

20 deals on unique lights to brighten up your space

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.From magical hanging cloud lamps to color-changing light bulbs, there's a lighting fixture on this list to suit every style and eve