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Waze will soon support CarPlay’s split-view dashboard mode

Waze is finally coming to Apple CarPlay’s new multiscreen dashboard.This is sure to come as welcome news to devotees of the Google-owned navigation app, who have been waiting for over a year for it

Why this security engineer loves working in infosec

Every day you learn something new, but your work is also never finished.Whether you are a security researcher developing threat intelligence to power IDS / IPS systems or someone trying to plug holes

Watch American Netflix in the UK (UK deal)

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.SAVE 86%: A five-year subscription to is on sale for £1.The only annoying thing about these services is that some cont

Spotted: Amazon robot maps sidewalks north of Seattle, laden with cameras and sensors

An Amazon sidewalk mapping robot being driven in Everett, Wash., on Saturday morning, in between grabbing a donut for my daughter and a coffee for my wife, I spotted something interesting: An unmarked

Don’t be jealous of iMessage. Here’s how to use Google’s fancy Chat feature on Android phones

Google's Messages app has a lot to offer, and it keeps getting better.Google's Messages app, the default text messaging app on most Android phones, has a chat feature built in to it that enables adva

From AirPods to 4K TVs

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.Black Friday is the time to score deals on all the electronics and tech items you've been eyeing throughout the year.Ai

Save 20% with this code (UK deal)

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.That could be about to change though, because Puma has dropped its Cyber Week sale.You can save 20% on all of Puma's ne

Microsoft and Apple working on Xbox Series X controller support for iPhones and iPads

Microsoft and Apple are both working together so the new Xbox Series X and Series S controllers will work on iPhones and iPads.Apple worked with Microsoft to add support for the Xbox Elite 2 controlle

Microsoft Teams takes on Zoom with free all-day video calling on the web

Microsoft is making a big push to entice fans of Zoom over to Microsoft Teams with a new all-day video calling option that can be used for free.Zoom surged in popularity earlier this year after thousa

Facebook patches a Messenger bug that allowed others to snoop on your calls

We often joke around that hackers or government agencies are listening to our calls.Facebook just patched a bug that would’ve allowed anyone to snoop on your calls on Messenger.The bug was found by