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The Real Reason Eddie Van Halen And Valerie Bertinelli Got Divorced

In October 2001, after 20 years of marriage and one child, son Wolfgang, Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli separated.Ed and I weren't treating each other like two people that loved each other, a

Why You Should Think Twice Before Wearing This Type Of Hair Jewelry

British brand Asos has been selling a piece of jewelry that is known in South Asian cultures as a Tikka.The fact that Asos was selling the headpiece wasn't what people were upset about.Asos ran into

The Most Surprising Revelation From Elton John’s Memoir

Immediately prior to the rehab stint that would change his life, Elton John took refuge in a swanky London crib where he went wild for two weeks.John — who has also struggled with an eating disorde

How Bindi Irwin’s Eulogy At Her Dad’s Memorial Service Predicted Her Future

Bindi Irwin also describes the work her father did as 'important.' She knew he was working to 'change the world so everyone would love wildlife as he did.Bindi takes up the mission herself, saying 'I

Here’s Why America’s Next Top Model Contestants Have Even Less Privacy Than You Think

Former model Sarah Hartshorne, who competed on cycle 9 of the hit show (ultimately placing eighth overall), is using her TikTok account to entertainingly skewer many of the biggest misconceptions abo

The Real Reason Neutrogena Products Are So Cheap

Beauty Packaging listed Johnson & Johnson as one of their top 20 companies in 2009, mentioning the company's goal of affordability and accessibility.With that in mind, J&J created and promoted Johnson

Here’s When You Should Really Replace Your Makeup Brushes

Editorial and celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shared with InStyle the biggest sign your makeup brushes are expired — yes, that happens! Celebrity makeup artist Joy Fennell explained to

Here’s How The Pandemic Is Really Affecting Your Mental Health

Professor Adam Grant points out that it is likely that many of us opened the door to languishing — which sits in the middle of depression and flourishing — after the initial panic surrounding the

The Real Reason COVID-19 Is So Bad For People Recovering From Eating Disorders

If you are dealing with an eating disorder, Anderson strongly urges that you seek professional help.Although she advocates regular mealtimes, she does say it might do you good to try to be a bit more

The Truth About Bridget Moynahan’s Hidden Talent

But Bridget Moynahan, the actor, is quick to clarify that she's a cook, not a chef.'I would say I'm far from being a chef,' she told People in 2020, adding, 'I am a pretty decent cook.'I eat most of m