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Why The White House Doors Didn’t Open For The Bidens.-

CNN was first to quote two anonymous sources that said Harleth was dismissed by the Bidens, even as it doubled back and quoted a third official as saying that Harleth had been 'let go' before the Bid

The Truth About Winning Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.-

So what really happens when you win the big prize on Millionaire? For starters, winners in the United States are taxed at around 40 percent of the total, which means they actually walk away with 60% o

What The Bachelor’s Lindsay Yenter Is Up To Now.-

Yenter recently returned to Bachelor Nation by appearing on the The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever spin-off special that aired on ABC last summer.While looking back at Sean Lowe's season, Yenter

The Real Reason Pauley Perrette Left NCIS.-

According to The Wrap, tensions escalated between the two actors after the incident, forcing the show to schedule the stars so that they never had to be in the same room.An insider told The Wrap, 'She

Dan Rather’s Tweet About Face Masks Is Causing A Stir.-

On Saturday afternoon, Rather tweeted: 'If you're wearing a mask and not covering your nose, you are not being half right.More like a half wit.Cmon folks.Pull it up.' He didn't put his remarks into c

Katie Couric’s Trump Comments Threaten Her Jeopardy Gig.-

Only last month, Couric suggested that Jeopardy! cast a woman as host, offering Queen Latifah and Tina Fey as possible candidates.[.] offered her one of the guest host spots for January.Then Couric ap

Larry King’s First Dream Job Is Not What You’d Expect.-

Larry King repeated this assertion in a 2015 interview with Esquire.When asked about his interest in stand-up comedy, he said, 'All of my life doing interviews, comedy has been my favorite thing, come

Inside Larry King’s Relationship With Piers Morgan.-

Things went south rather quickly for Morgan, and a mere three years after taking over King's CNN time slot with his own show, Morgan was canceled.That's when the friction that had apparently grown bet

Larry King Never Prepared For Interviews. Here’s Why.-

The method didn't always work — there were times a lack of knowledge about his interviewee made him look out of touch.A lack of preparation also meant that King didn't get to ask meatier, more relev

Piers Morgan’s Awful Tweet Following Larry King’s Death.-

Suffice it to say Piers Morgan's tweet didn't go over very well with social media, who gladly let the former British tabloid editor have it.'The fact that you had to wait till Larry king passed, to po