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Volvo’s owner will offer its ‘transformative’ EV tech to competitors

It’s not uncommon in the car industry for competitor brands to work together to develop common technologies.However, in the following case, it seems that Geely, the Chinese carmaker that also owns

‘Iran to auction surplus energy to Bitcoin miners’

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin BTC every fucking day.Bitcoin price .We closed the day, September 22 2020, at a price of $10,538.It was the highest closing price in one day.

No more excuses — ‘now’ is always the right time to become a founder

Right now, a large proportion of people are grateful for simply having a job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are content with their current career situations.So why don’t more people choo

Microsoft gets exclusive licensing access to GPT-3 to use in its products

It’s no secret that Microsoft is a close partner to OpenAI, seeing as how it has signed multiple deals with the company.Now, the AI company has solidified this relationship further by offering excl

The strangest things gamers have played Doom on

The original Doom, released in 1993, is the game that will outlive us all.Here are our picks for the strangest (and most wonderful) things that have been coaxed into running Doom.Keep in mind that lo

everything we know so far

We already know the Pixel 5 (and 4A 5G) will be revealed on September 30, but that isn’t stopping the leak machine.According to images posted by WinFuture, the upcoming Pixel 5 will feature a desig

DevOps is an IT buzz title. And if you really want to understand it, this training can help

TLDR: The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle explains everything it takes to be a well-paid, in-demand DevOps engineer.Just a few short years ago, DevOps as a job title didn’t even exist.

Michigan continues campaign against EV-selling startups, but leaves Tesla alone

Using what can only be described as outdated and regressive legislation, auto dealers in Michigan, US, are attempting to block electric vehicle (EV) startups like Rivian and Lucid from selling direct

An old TV caused internet outages for an entire village… for 18 months

Like clockwork, each morning at 7AM the entire town of Aberhosan in Wales would lose its broadband connection.After numerous cable replacements failed to fix the the issue, an investigation by Openr

Royole’s brand new FlexPai 2 does nothing to convince me of foldables

I want to love foldables — but I just don’t see the point.Take, for example, today’s launch of Royole‘s latest foldable: the FlexPai 2.First though, let’s actually talk about the phone, as t