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The Apple Podcasts app redesign is a crime against humanity

Amongst all the big product announcements Apple made at its April event, the company also ushered in a new era for its podcast offering.Specifically, it introduced subscriptions and a redesigned Podc

Nio is bringing battery swap stations to Europe, but there’s no round of applause

Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio has announced its dive into the European market and it sounds like a big one… but will it stick the landing?.The company will bring four battery swap stations

This is where all your digital data lives

Ancient humans stored information in cave paintings, the oldest we know of are over 40,000 years old.As humans evolved, the emergence of languages and the invention of writing led to detailed informat

Cowboy’s new ebike is here with a new frame, fancy accessories, and MORE TORQUE

Belgian ebike maker Cowboy came on to the scene a few years back, and has quietly been making a solid name for itself as a maker of app-driven “smart” ebikes.Credit: CowboyThe Cowboy C4 looks larg

Loot boxes in games are enticing, but they don’t actually manipulate you into spending

The ABC’s latest Four Corners report is an investigation into how video games are “deliberately designed to get people hooked”.The process of monetizing and collecting data through video games d

Apple analyst predicts an 8-inch folding iPhone will arrive in 2023

Ming-Chi Kuo, the usually-reliable Apple analyst, is at it again with another prediction years in advance.As reported by MacRumors, Kuo claims that the foldable iPhone might sport an “8-inch QHD+ fl

Clubhouse finally begins testing an Android version — but is it too late?

Clubhouse is finally testing an Android version of its popular live-audio app.”.This means the app is currently in a closed beta— so you can’t sign up to try it just yet —with more users to be

How robot muscles could be built from DNA-inspired ‘supercoiling’ fibers

The double helix of DNA is one of the most iconic symbols in science.Muscle tissue too is composed of helically wrapped proteins that form thin filaments.Many of these naturally occurring helical stru

Tesla VP admits Autopilot wasn’t fully disengaged during recent fatal crash

Yes, you read correctly.Musk had claimed via Twitter that Autopilot wasn’t enabled, and that it wouldn’t work on a street without lane lines, as was the case.Data logs recovered so far show Autopi

ChargePoint’s app for locating EV juicing spots arrives on Android Auto

Earlier in April, Android Auto announced that it would soon feature apps for navigation, parking, and EV charging, to increase choices and enhance the driving experience of its consumers.Starting yes