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Spotify’s Stories should feature music suggestions, not artists’ video messages

After social networks ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn have adopted this format, music streaming giant Spotify is testing the waters with ephemeral images and videos feature.As Twitter user TmarTn n

These extended Black Friday deals of work from home essentials can get 2021 off on the right foot

TLDR: Working from home is the new normal — and these 10 items at extended Black Friday prices can have you ready to take on 2021 and beyond right from the home office.As you head into 2021, make t

Scientists propose new way of ordering the elements

The periodic table of the elements, principally created by the Russian chemist, Dmitry Mendeleev (1834-1907), celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.By the late 18th century, chemists were clear

The universe is getting hotter as it gets older — here’s why

The cosmic web — ribbons of gas and dust tying galaxies together — are the largest structures in the Universe, and a new study shows they are growing hotter over time.Utilizing a phenomenon known

The EU’s fastest growing EV market is — surprise! — Latvia!

According to Latvian national news agency, LETA, the Baltic nation has logged the fastest growing rise in electric car sales among EU member states.Across the first three quarters of this year, Latvi

What is the Pomodoro Technique and why is it good for productivity?

I’ve been covering tech and business for years and I can confirm most people in these spaces, myself included, are obsessed with productivity… particularly new shiny ways to magically become more

3 reasons why batteries will power our future trucks, not hydrogen fuel cells

A prominent decarbonization researcher believes battery electric trucks will become the norm for low emissions road freight, as alternatives, like fuel cell vehicles, are more expensive to run.In an

Suck at gifting? Let this GPT-3-powered bot recommend what to buy

More specifically, I urge you to try out GiftGenius, a handy AI concierge that claims to use the GPT-3 language model to recommend suitable gifts for everyone in your life.GiftGenius comes up with so

The Spurcycle bike bell is so nice, it might just be worth paying $49 for

Do you need a $49 bike bell? .Do I regret testing the Spurcycle bike bell, said $49 trinket? .I get that to some people, the idea of spending half a C-note on a bike bell is silly.But if you believe

How a forced 17-hour time difference helped us master asynchronous work

As my co-founder and I roll into the eighth month of our “one-week visit” to Australia, it amuses me how a company so focused on meeting efficiency ended up being one of the strongest examples of