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AI forensics reveals a Grassy Knoll-style ‘second author’ mystery surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls

AI has helped discover new insights about the authors of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls.Researchers in the Netherlands used AI and pattern recognition to analyze the handwriting of the mysterious scribe

Study shows how dangerously simple it is to manipulate voters (and daters) with AI

A pair of researchers, Ujué Agudo and Helena Matute of Universidad de Deusto in Spain, recently published a fascinating study demonstrating how easy it is to influence humans with algorithms.Up front

Germany, UK, and France are Europe’s top 3 EV loving nations

The United Kingdom is Europe’s second-biggest electric vehicle market.France sold 30,500 EVs across the same time period.In the country some 64,700 electric vehicles were sold in the first quarter o

Biden’s big infrastructure plans spark American interest in EVs

Earlier in March, President Biden revealed his infrastructure plans to invest $174 billion in the EV market.com’s national survey expressed an increased motivation to purchase an EV, following the p

OnePlus 9 Pro vs Vivo X60 Pro+

Vivo and OnePlus, both companies under the BBK umbrella, have tried to make their phones compete with Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy Series.Vivo X60 Pro+ camera:Rear camera: 50-megapixel ma

Learn hacking and pen testing to protect your site with this $24 training

TLDR: The 2021 All-in-One Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Bundle is nine courses aimed at getting students schooled and hired as cybersecurity experts.If you want to launch a new career, even

Two new EVs score top marks in safety tests because of their headlights…

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an American non-profit organization that educates the public on vehicle safety performance, presented two new electric SUVs with its 2021 Top Safet

Spotify CEO can’t pay artists a penny per stream, wants to buy football club instead

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek may not have enough cash to pay musicians a penny per stream, but he can apparently afford a football team.If KSE would like to sell Arsenal I'd be happy to throw my hat in the

US Supreme Court to decide if schools can punish kids for social media posts

A teenage cheerleader’s Snapchat post will feature in an upcoming Supreme Court ruling to decide whether children have a right to free speech in the US.In response to the school’s decision, the gi

This chart shows how Paris is cleaning up its transport

This article was written by Choose Paris Region on The Urban Mobility Daily, the content site of the Urban Mobility Company, a Paris-based company which is moving the business of mobility forward thr