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What’s sampling rate? And why does it matter for music?

Do you keep hearing people talk about sampling rate in music? .On a fundamental level, sampling rate is a result of the digitization of audio.While analog sound waves are continuous, digital music is

Border control systems are gearing up to use facial analysis tech

Developments in global border control technologies are providing innovative ways to address issues relating to migration, asylum-seeking and the introduction of illegal goods into countries.But while

legal experts weigh in on ‘disturbing’ technology

It was recently revealed that in 2017 Microsoft patented a chatbot that, if built, would digitally resurrect the dead.Using AI and machine learning, the proposed chatbot would bring our digital perso

Twitter will ban you for spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

As vaccines are rolling out across the world, Twitter wants to curb misinformation related to it by introducing a new strike system.The company said repeated offenders — accounts with five strikes

Jack Dorsey’s Square starts its own bank for merchants

Jack Dorsey’s financial company Square, which also owns mobile payment service Cash, has just opened up its own bank.According to the company, it’ll be called Square Financial Services, and launc

3 reasons to make it happen for your business

But when I started to look at SMS marketing, I realized that with the right frequency and messaging, it can be a highly effective method of communication.SMS open rates are far higher than other types

Stunning new image of Venus reveals nightglow on the planet’s edge

The Parker Solar Probe, designed for detailed study of the Sun, has another advantage — it is able to examine planets as it passes their orbits.As it refines its orbit around our Sun, Parker will p

How to always join a Zoom call on mute

A few days ago, I joined one while I was “chatting” with my cat.That made me realize that there should be a setting to join a call always on mute.Open the Zoom app on your desktop.Setting for muti

Hey millennials, stop ruining emoji for Gen Z

When I saw the news that Apple would be releasing 217 new emojis into the world, I did what I always do: I asked my undergraduates what it meant to them.To them, many emojis are like overenthusiastic

You SHOULD wave at the end of video calls — here’s why

It’s been brought to my attention that some people think you shouldn’t wave at the end of video calls.We’ve been running on video calls for almost a decade, and we’re all big end-of-meeting wa