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Parler has dropped its hosting lawsuit against Amazon

Parler has withdrawn its antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, ending its two-month effort to legally compel the company to reinstate its hosting account.Notably, the decision to withdraw came on the same

Valve brings Steam Link app to Linux, adds more togetherness

Valve is significantly expanding your ability to share games at home and with your friends for free using Steam.Valve has also rolled out a big update to its Remote Play Together feature, which lets y

A jury says Intel owes $2.18 billion for infringing a zombie chip company’s patents

Intel may owe quite a bit of cash to a semiconductor company that hasn’t existed for 20 years.18 billion for infringing two patents owned by VLSI Technology, according to Bloomberg.The last time it

Nintendo just released the first Wii U update since 2018

Nintendo has released a software update for its languishing Wii U console, its first in nearly two and a half years.I can’t say I ever experienced crashes on my Wii U back when I had one, but I gues

How to import your passwords to Chrome and the Google Password Manager

If you’re moving from LastPass (or another password manager you’re dissatisfied with), you may be tempted to simply go with the password manager that comes with your browser or operating system.Th

PlayStation Store won’t let you buy or rent movies and TV shows after August 31st

If you prefer buying all your movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Store, you won’t be able to do that for much longer.Fortunately, Sony confirms that anyone who has purchased movie or TV content

Lime’s old e-bike batteries are now powering these Bluetooth speakers

Accessory manufacturer Gomi is launching a limited edition Bluetooth speaker powered by batteries from old Lime e-bikes.In its announcement of the partnership, Lime says Gomi will use 50,000 battery c

Roku’s advertising ambitions just got even bigger with new Nielsen deal

Roku, one of the most popular streaming platforms in US homes, is acquiring Nielsen’s video advertisement business as it tries to become a central hub for TV advertising.Specifically, Roku is acquir

Vizio files to go public, has sold over 80 million TVs

Vizio today filed its S-1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission as the TV and soundbar maker heads toward an initial public offering.“We envision the Vizio smart TV as the center of the con

Verizon support says you should turn off 5G to save your phone’s battery

Despite its relentless promotion of 5G phones and the fact that it spent more than $45 billion bidding on a new faster spectrum, Verizon support now is advising people on Twitter to turn off their pho