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Yep, Tucker Carlson Definitely Seems Turned on by Stacy Abrams’ Romance Novels (Video)

Stacy Abrams’ romance novels.Unfortunately for those who hoped Tucker would read it himself, that didn’t happen.Tucker pawned that task off on a producer named Alex McKaskill, who read excerpts fr

HFPA Pleads for Meeting With Netflix After Streamer Cuts Ties

In a letter Friday night, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association responded to Netflix’s decision to cut ties with the organization by requesting a meeting to discuss reforms Netflix said don’t

Warner Bros Lands ‘Stay Frosty’ in Auction; Idris Elba Attached to Star

has won the auction and is in final negotiations for the spec script “Stay Frosty” from Tyler Marceca which has Idris Elba attached to star in a potential franchise vehicle.Dark Horse Entertainmen

40 Non-Entertainers Who Hosted Before Elon Musk, From Ralph Nader to Miskel Spillman (Photos)

Ron Neesen  (White House Press Secretary for President Gerald Ford)  •  Original airdate: April 17, 1976  • Musical guest: Patti Smith      .Fran Tarkenton  (NFL quarterback)  •  Orig

Newsmax Anchor Greg Kelly Clowned for Claiming He Wears $1,400 Cargo Pants

Newsmax weirdo Greg Kelly, who has made something of a career out of telling the most bizarre tall tales and falsehoods on Twitter, found himself the object of ridicule twice over on Thursday after h

Elon Musk Promises to Be Good in Promo for Mothers Day Episode (Video)

Elon Musk will make his SNL debut this Saturday, which comes out the day before Mother’s Day, and in a promo clip for the episode he promised to bring his best in honor of his mom.In the promo for

Tucker Acts Like COVID Safety Is ‘Footloose’.-

Kevin Bacon was on Tucker Carlson’s mind Thursday evening — the Fox News host spent several minutes of his show playing clips from Bacon’s 1984 hit movie 'Footloose,' comparing the story about

‘Without Remorse’ Has a Big Connection to Amazon’s ‘Jack Ryan’ Show

In a lot of ways, Tom Clancy was ahead of his time with his many novels that took place within a shared universe — as opposed to just doing a bunch of more traditional sequel stories like most nove

Reese Witherspoon-Produced ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ Set for June 2022 Release

Produced by Reese Witherspoon and directed by Olivia Newman, the film is an adaptation of Delia Owens’ bestselling novel of the same name.Set in the 1950s, the story follows Kya Clark, a young woma

Colton Ryan to Star Opposite Elle Fanning in Hulu’s ‘The Girl From Plainville’

Colton Ryan will star alongside Elle Fanning in Hulu’s “The Girl From Plainville.Death” writer Patrick Macmanus, “The Girl From Plainville” is based on a 2017 Esquire article of the same na