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US IPO, Chinese ownership, $5B in taxes – TechCrunch

There is no shortage of speculations and reports around TikTok’s future in the U.Amid a swirl of rumors, TikTok’s Chinese parent ByteDance issued a statement (in Chinese) on Monday morning, bringi

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, TikTok, Emmys: Your Weekend Briefing

(Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.But with some Republican senators balking, Mitch McConnell, the senate majority leader, is still weighing whether he has enough votes to force

Trump approves TikTok-Oracle deal, he says

Angela Lang/CNET President Donald Trump said Saturday that he has OK'd 'in concept' a deal for Oracle to acquire the US operations of popular video app TikTok, says a Bloomberg report.The Trump admini

Trump Agrees To Oracle-Walmart Deal : NPR

S.President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in July.President Trump has given tentative approval to a deal that will keep Ti

McDonald’s-Travis Scott partnership leads to TikTok pranks at drive-thru windows

McDonald's employees are being pranked at the drive-thru window by Travis Scott fans in a new TikTok trend.McDonald’s partnership with rapper Travis Scott has given fans an opportunity for a new Tik

TikTok Apparently Saved as Trump OKs Last-Minute Oracle-Walmart Deal

S.are probably sighing with relief, 'cause President Trump appears to now be cool with the social media app partnering up with Oracle and Walmart.DT drastically changed his tune Saturday, telling repo

The TikTok deal solves quite literally nothing – TechCrunch

Well… that was pointless.A flurry of announcement late Saturday night indicate that the TikTok deal was actually a politically-oriented shakedown to boost the cloud infrastructure business of key su

Trump gives ‘blessing’ to TikTok deal

ByteDance has proposed shifting TikTok’s global headquarters to the U., with American investors including Oracle, Walmart and venture capital firms like General Atlantic and Sequoia collectively own

Donald Trump TikTok deal approval

Speaking to reporters, Trump said he approved the deal 'in concept.The deal will also include Wal-Mart (WMT), Trump said.Trump claimed TikTok would be 'totally controlled' by Oracle and Wal-Mart.Trump

Trump makes first move to ban TikTok from app stores on Sunday

The US government today announced a new initiative to restrict TikTok in app stores, a move which comes after weeks of uncertainty over whether the app would be banned in the US.In case you haven’t