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Kamala, Jill Should Pick American Designer For Inaugural Ball Dress, Michael Costello Says

Jill Biden and Kamala Harris should go America first as they hunt for someone to design their dresses for the inaugural ball .The former 'Project Runway' star tells us the First Lady and Vice Preside

Drinking coffee or tea from paper cups may be ‘seriously’ bad for your health

(STUDY FINDS) -- KHARAGPUR, India — For many people, the day doesn’t start until they have their first cup of hot coffee.It releases 25,000 micron-sized particles into the hot beverage,” lead st

Churches defy lockdown with secret meetings

(THE GUARDIAN) -- It sounds like the build-up to an illegal rave.This is no rave, but an English church service under lockdown, and the organiser is a Protestant pastor.The Christians who will gather

Trump’s legal team suddenly distances from Sidney Powell

President Donald J.In a statement from Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis, the team said: 'Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own.She is not a member of the Trump Leg

Republican governor to Trump: ‘Stop golfing and concede’

President Donald J.(Official White House photo by Tia Dufour).Larry Hogan advised President Donald Trump on Sunday to “stop golfing and concede” the presidential election to Joe Biden.Trump had ci

Lara Trump Says if Trump Can’t Win in Court, Then Subverting Electoral Process is On the Table

Play video content Fox News .Lara Trump went on Fox Sunday and groused about all the alleged fraud and cheating in the election.and schooled by angry judges who say the challenges are a big waste of t

Elite Democrats caught maskless at party despite COVID restrictions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.The event was a private birthday party for Carl Scissura, who is the head of the New York Building Congress, a trade organization, the New York Daily News reported T

Chris Christie scorches Trump’s legal team

Chris Christie and Donald Trump.On ABC’s “This Week,” Christie repeatedly chastised Trump’s lawyers for alleging fraud in interviews and press conferences despite their lawsuits pleading other

NYC Underground Swingers Party Broken Up By Sheriff’s Deputies

A bunch of free-spirited sex revelers had their good time cut short by cops in the Big Apple -- an interesting contrast to another attempted New York bust gone bad.The NYC Sheriff's Office busted in

Tyler Perry Studios Attracts Thousands for Early Thanksgiving Giveaway

Play video content Exclusive Details Courtesy Of Tyler Perry Studios .Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta became the site of incredibly long lines of cars Sunday morning as folks came from all over to jump