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Truecaller’s Guardians app fixes bug that let hackers secretly track your family

Last week, caller identification company Truecaller launched an application called Guardians app that was designed to share your location and other vital information with your family for safety.Howev

Spam calls grew 18% this year despite the global pandemic – TechCrunch

Despite several efforts from carriers, telecom regulators, mobile operating system developers, smartphone makers, and a global pandemic, spam calls continued to pester and scam people around the globe

How to enable automatic spam call blocking on iPhone

Thankfully, most of today’s phones offer call blocking services — you just need to know how to activate them.While the functionality is available on the phone, someone has to provide a list of spa

Truecaller hits 200 million users – TechCrunch

Truecaller, one of the world’s largest caller-identification service providers, has amassed 200 million monthly active users and is increasingly proving that it can turn a profit, it said Tuesday. I