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PETA Wants USDA to Investigate Doc Antle Over Larsa Pippen Visit.-

PETA's looking to put Doc Antle in the USDA's crosshairs because Larsa Pippen posted pics with some of his exotic animals .but Doc says PETA's got it twisted.The animal rights org fired off a letter t

Trump fights in court to block pandemic food aid for lowest-income Americans

USDA also later announced it would bump up the maximum benefit levels by 5 percent in response to rising food costs.The legal fight over emergency benefits extends back to May when plaintiffs in Calif

More Asian Giant ‘murder hornets’ found in Washington state, officials say

Two more Asian Giant Hornets have been found in Washington state, according to agriculture officials.”.In a statement, the Washington State Department of Agriculture said it was setting up experimen

Jeff Lowe’s Zoo Suspension Due to Poor Veterinary Care Allegations

Jeff Lowe's animals at the 'Tiger King' zoo have not been getting proper veterinary care for years .the USDA cites Lowe for numerous failures in providing vet care for his animals dating back to Nove

This is the best cut of steak

Omaha Steaks says the rib area of the cow collects more intramuscular fat than other areas of the animal and that translates to a well-marbled ribeye steak.As it cooks, the fat melts into the steak,

‘Tiger King’ Zoo Investigation Finds Rampant Neglect, Jeff Lowe Fires Back

There's rampant animal mistreatment at the 'Tiger King' zoo -- this according to federal authorities -- but Jeff Lowe says the findings are misleading and unfair.The USDA recently completed an invest

Rabbits In The U.S. Are Facing A Deadly New Virus Outbreak Of Their Own

Rabbits in the United States are also facing a dangerous new viral outbreak.The lethal rabbit hemorrhagic virus Type 2 (RHDV2) is sweeping the Southwestern United States.Detected first in New Mexico

4th Agriculture Department Food Inspector Dies As COVID-19 Cases Multiply At Meat Plants.-

A fourth food safety inspector for the U.S.Department of Agriculture has died of COVID-19 as cases continue to surge at meat processing plants across the nation.About 10,000 COVID-19 cases have been l

Food Insecurity Roughly Doubled For U.S. Households Amid Pandemic, Surveys Suggest

The number of Americans struggling to afford food is mounting dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, two new surveys suggest.S.households reported food insecurity, according to an analysis

USDA to buy $470M of produce, dairy and seafood

“America’s farmers and ranchers have experienced a dislocated supply chain caused by the coronavirus,' he added.The $470 million will be spent as a part of a broad authority USDA has had since 193