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US coronavirus: Fauci says new Covid-19 cases are at a disturbing level as the US is primed for a surge

Although off the highs of earlier this year, there were still more than 61,000 new cases reported on Wednesday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.'It's almost a race between getting peop

Opinion | Let’s Cut Our Ridiculous Defense Budget

Biden could also save large sums on nuclear weapons.Because they are designed to fire while enemy missiles are still in the air, former Defense Secretary William Perry warns that they “could trigger

China flanks Taiwan with military exercises in air and sea

The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and its escorts were conducting maneuvers around Taiwan, China's military said in a statement Monday.Meanwhile, at least 10 People's Liberation Army warplanes, in

The moment of truth is here for the Iran nuclear deal

Few doubted the United States and Iran deep-down preferred diplomacy -- even a new deal -- to escalating tensions, and possibly military confrontation.This too is their last real chance to make their

America’s sequencing boom may be throwing money at the wrong problem

Instead of trying to work through these issues at the national level, the sequencing contracts allow individual public health agencies to request the names and contact information of people who have

Godzilla Vs. Kong Is Crushing It At The Box Office

Kong is having a massive run at the box office, even despite the pandemic.5 million in the US over its five-day opening weekend period and another $76.1 million from international markets in its secon

What You Need to Know About Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card

“Customers began seeking out ways to protect their Covid-19 vaccine record cards, knowing they will likely be important to have on hand in the future,” Craig Grayson, vice president of print and m

It’s the US’ deadliest avalanche season in years. Experts say Covid is partially to blame

Some experts say it's also to blame for a recent spike in avalanche deaths.'This year we are seeing a pretty dangerous snowpack, the kind of unique conditions that only come around once every 10 years

Border Apprehensions Reach Highest Level in at Least 15 Years

Authorities have dropped off families with children at bus stations in border communities, where they then continue their journeys north to relatives in the United States.Border officials encountered

Sarm Heslop’s family pushes for search to continue three weeks after Virgin Islands’ disappearance

The family of Sarm Heslop, a British woman who disappeared in the U.Virgin Islands more than three weeks ago, is not giving up on the search as her boyfriend, Ryan Bane, continues to resist efforts by