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Family of Paddled 6-Year-Old Wants Principal to Lose Teaching License

Play video content .The 6-year-old's mother is devastated the Central Elementary School Principal, Melissa Carter, will NOT face criminal charges for meting out corporal punishment .The mother now wan

Inside Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s Relationship With Model Girlfriend Gzi Wisdom

Gzi (pronounced 'Zee') Wisdom was born in the Australian town of Byron Bay, but she currently lives in London, per Heart.Wisdom has also dabbled in music, and her 2018 track 'Morning Sun' was availab

Byron Scott Sides With LeBron James, NBA’s Play-In Tourney Is A Terrible Idea!

Play video content TMZSports.Byron Scott shares LeBron James' hatred for the NBA's play-in tournament .'.Play video content Los Angeles Lakers .and while the ex-player/coach says nobody needs to be ca

Greg Gutfeld: Aren’t spies supposed to have secret identity, not identify openly as 18 different things?

Too bad the Oscars were last week.'I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise.CIA Recruitment Video: I used to struggle w imposter syndrome but at 36 I refuse to internalize

Nev Schulman Says It’s His Fault Ben Affleck Got ‘Unmatched’ on Dating App

Play video content TMZ.We got the 'Catfish' host at LAX and asked about Ben's apparent troubles on the dating platform, Raya, where the newly single actor sent a video message to a smoking hot woman h

Drake’s Son Has the Best Reaction While Watching Basketball Highlights

Like father, like son.In the short clip, once the video of highlights reaches a pivotal moment—Adonis, with eyes wide in disbelief—shouts, 'Oh my god!' and his dad is heard chuckling at his son's

Even Don Lemon Calls Out Chris Cuomo for Having Rick Santorum as a Guest (Video)

A lot of people were upset by Rick Santorum’s appearance Monday night on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, where Santorum largely avoided taking responsibility and made excuses, but didn’t apologize for

Ben Affleck’s Secret Dating Video Is Raising Eyebrows

When Ben Affleck realized Nivine Jay really didn't believe him — and that she went as far as unmatching him on Raya because of it — he found her Instagram account so that he could contact her dire

Ben Affleck Baffled by Dating App Rejection in Viral TikTok

Ben Affleck went to the DMs to set the record straight about being “unmatched” on Raya.TikTok user @NivineJay is going viral for a video she posted in which Affleck appears to confront her for rej

What Does Kimberly Schlapman Really Use In Her Hair?

As she said in the Facebook video from Little Big Town, Schlapman revealed she didn't know how to take care of her hair until she found the right stylist.'You gotta get someone who knows how to cut