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Broadway’s J. Breckenridge Shares ‘Tale Of Torn Hearts And Minds’ In Powerful Video

After more than a decade of telling other people’s stories, Josh Breckenridge has found a perfect vehicle for his own bicoastal narrative.The New York actor has spent much of the past year at work

Was This Gossip Girl’s Original Opening Credits Sequence?

Ahead of HBO Max's upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, fans are freaking out about a video that claims to be the opening credits for the original show.A new video going viral on social media features the

Cops Stop Fellow Officer From Punching Handcuffed Woman

Play video content .The 3 cops criminally charged for not stopping Derek Chauvin from murdering George Floyd may have gotten the attention of a couple of California cops, because they stepped in and s

Jake Paul Faces New Accusations of Sexual Misconduct, Emotional Abuse

Jake Paul is facing new accusations of sexual misconduct, bullying and emotional abuse by several of his former collaborators.In an interview with The New York Times, one former member of Team 10 —

Network injects bias into report of girl shot while trying to stab a victim

And now, less than a week after one network edited an image of a boy holding a gun to show him without a gun – to carry a message – a second network has hidden a knife – in the hands of a girl

‘Mortal Kombat’ Would Be Great if It Didn’t Look Like a Cheap TV Show

“Mortal Kombat” the video game franchise is a lot of things, but it is absolutely not visually bland.It’s a big shame, then, that while it nails just about everything else, the new “Mortal Ko

Mortal Kombat (2021) Review Roundup

Reviews for Mortal Kombat are now out in the wild just hours ahead of the movie's simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max on April 23, 2021.This will be the third live-action film based on th

Kehlani Comes Out as Lesbian

Play video content @kehlani / TikTok .and she says she's the last one in her family to know she's gay.The singer shared her truth Thursday, saying on video .Kehlani says she's been trying to have hear

AG says she did not review video of Toledo before prosecutor’s court statement

Cook County Attorney General Kim Foxx said that she had not seen body camera footage showing an interaction between Adam Toledo and police before a county prosecutor said that he was holding a gun i

Dear Netflix and YouTube, everything is too long

Marvel If you're an adult and you've spent any amount of time playing or thinking about video games, I guarantee that -- at some point -- you've sat, controller in hand, and thought, 'Why the hell is