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‘SNL’ imagines the hilarious fails in store for post-COVID date nights

Look.We've all been locked up in our homes for almost an entire year as a dangerous pandemic has swept across the planet.At this point, it's enough for most of us to just get out of bed and weave som

Emmanuel Acho will host ‘The Bachelor: After the Final Rose Special,’ replacing Chris Harrison

Acho, the host of the YouTube series 'Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,' announced on Saturday he would host the one-hour special for the 25th season.See y'all then!'Harrison announced on

15 Most Memorable, Outrageous Golden Globes Moments (Videos)

com/watch?v=Tw4kNLks7QI.In 1980, actress Bette Midler tickled the audience with a 'Golden Globes' pun while accepting the award for 'The Rose.com/watch?v=Y5nTEPPrR0c.Cher was at a literal loss for wor

CA school district’s board resigns after unknowingly talking about parents in virtual meeting

The entire board of trustees for a Northern California school district resigned after they made inappropriate remarks about parents during a Zoom call that was unknowingly being broadcast to the publi

YouTube adds 4K and HDR support to its Android app

Welcome to the 4K HDR party, Android users.I'm on a Pixel 3a XL myself and had no problem selecting 2160p on videos that support it in the YouTube app.There aren't too many smartphones (or tablets) th

Chris D’Elia Says He Was “Controlled” By Sex in Return to Public Eye

Chris D'Elia, who faced allegations of sexually harassing underaged girls over the summer, has broken his silence after going dark on social media months ago.The comedian posted a YouTube video for

See Other Channels Your Audience Watches

YouTube is giving creators access to new data that will allow them to see which other channels their audience watches on a regular basis.Creators will see a new card that shows other channels watched

Peloton gets an ‘SNL’ ad with instructors who mercilessly neg you

Saturday Night Live knows that Peloton's inspirational instructors aren't for everyone.That's the inspiration for Pelotaunt.Just like real Peloton workout machines, this line of screen-equipped stati

MIT engineers created a new internal medical patch inspired by origami

Sealing internal wounds is a challenging task for surgeons.To help alleviate their difficulty, MIT engineers took inspiration from origami to develop a versatile new medical patch for tears in wet ti

5 live cams that offer winter vibes from the safety of your home

As snowstorms blanket the northern hemisphere and COVID-19 continues to keep many inside, live cams are here to bring some more adventurous, wonderful, and adorable winter vibes through your screens.o