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YouTube Is Experimenting With Removing Public Dislike Numbers From Videos

YouTube's most disliked videos of all time include classics like Justin Bieber's Baby, Rebecca Black's Friday, and the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer--but a new update may take away vi

YouTube has removed Steven Crowder from its Partner Program indefinitely

Two weeks ago, after YouTube revealed its definition of hate speech was so narrow that it couldn’t remove a wildly racist tirade for being wildly racist, we wondered out loud what it would take for

Is A Peloton Bike Really Worth The Money?

The thing that people go crazy about with Peloton is that they have thousands of videos from world-class instructors, which come with an additional monthly subscription cost.However, you can argue tha

Crypto user modifies old school Game Boy for Bitcoin mining

An IT security researcher has been able to adapt Nintendo’s first major handheld game console to mine cryptocurrency.According to a recent YouTube video, user Stacksmashing used the hardware from a

Oscars 2021: How to watch the Best Documentary nominees

The 2021 Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Feature are eclectic, both in the topics they address and the style in which they address them.Taken collectively, the nominees show just how richly divers

There’s A Reason Why You Fall Into YouTube Rabbit Holes

In 2015, Google introduced a recommendation system that used artificial intelligence to mimic the human brain.that was created to help viewers expand what they saw and watch many more videos.So while

Take 15 seconds of your time to watch a drone fly by an erupting volcano

It just so happens that a lot has changed in 6,000 years, such as the fact we humans have drones.So, of course, drone pilots like Bjorn Steinbekk are flyings theirs right into the molten lava.Just w

YouTube Shorts, Google’s take on TikTok, may roll out in the US this week

Google first began YouTube Shorts in India back in September, but now it appears the beta is ready to expand to the US.Google seems to have accidentally posted a blog post announcing the expansion ea

‘Valheim’ player builds the Eiffel Tower in seriously impressive feat of engineering

One player decided to take the game's structural possibilities to the next level, building the famously complex Eiffel Tower from the ground up — and lucky for us, they made a timelapse video of the

Yes, you can be hopeful (but keep that mask on)

Anthony Fauci, America's Brooklyn-born voice of reason over the past year of pandemic hell, made a virtual visit to the Late Show to tell Stephen Colbert that you can absolutely have hope that we're n