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The appellate division of the Kano State High Court set aside Omar Farouq's sentence on Thursday because he did not have legal representation at his first trial, his counsel Kola Alapinni told CNN.A S
Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions are kind of B.S.Especially this year.It feels like just leaving the house would be a great New Year’s accomplishment these days, right?.The first of January
Photo: Getty/Warner Bros.TV.[.] Actress Mira Furlan, who played Delenn on 'Babylon 5' and Danielle Rousseau on 'Lost,' has died.She was 65.] Furlan’s death was announced via her Twitter account
Then there are the longer-term rollbacks.It could take two years or more for the administration to restore Obama-era climate change regulations, rolled back by the Trump administration, that were desi

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